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Store-Within-A-Store Experience



As one of the world’s largest department store companies, Macy’s has evolved to successfully diversify their offerings and increase their consumer base. A key part of this evolution was the acquisition of several brands and accommodations for open-sell spaces within their existing department stores. Among these are Macy’s Backstage, Impulse Beauty and Blue Mercury, which sell specialty cosmetics and apparel within the footprint of Macy’s Department Stores.


Our relationship with Macy’s began due to our expertise and ability to redefine their spaces to both incorporate and compliment the new open-sell additions. Our team helps to make these additions as efficient and effective as possible by going the extra mile to understand their business and priorities in order to effectively drive the process and stay ahead of their needs.

Through our ability to complete a renovation inside a store that needs to remain operational without disrupting the daily shopping experience, our support has helped Macy’s maintain their market share as they grow and adapt. We have remained a consistent and core part of their team due to our quality of service, speed and knowledge, ultimately enabling Macy’s to grow in an economical way.


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