Team Members of the Quarter – 2020 Q2

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Congratulations to our Team Members of the Quarter, Peggy, Randy and Ric! Nominated by those they work closest with, these individuals are being recognized for their exemplary work and contributions to their team’s success. Take a look at what their peers had to say:

Peggy’s Nominations

“Peggy is an absolutely amazing coworker who is always willing to help, extremely diligent and makes this place tick. Peggy is typically the first one in the door and is willing to wear different hats depending on what needs to happen on any given day. We couldn’t do it without her.”

Randy’s Nominations

“Randy keeps our teams virtually connected to our clients, our projects and each other. There is a ton of work on the back end to keep our e-data safe, bandwidths wide and our connections uninterrupted.

He is indispensable on a normal day but, with the need to work remotely, his work is critical in making everything we do possible. My transition to working remotely has been very smooth as a result of Randy’s work.”

Ric’s Nominations

“Ric continues to be a dedicated and loyal employee to CR and to the client. He exemplifies both integrity and passion, two of our core values. Ric will make sure the job will get done and he will not settle for anything but his best work. He also makes sure that the right thing is being done for the client, but also for CR.”