Creating Extraordinary Places


At CR architecture + design, we dig deep into the details, bringing vision to life with precision in every line, every mark and every measurement. We are inspired. We nurture relationships. We create extraordinary places.

Who We Are

In architecture, there is only one chance to get it right - to realize the full potential of a space. This is the art of what we do at CR architecture + design. And it’s why our clients have such trust in us. They know we’ll stop at nothing to follow through on their vision, master the details and execute it all flawlessly. This is the business of architecture. We’re not just dreamers or artists, but the people who put pen to paper and make great spaces work in the real world.

What We Do

Our services are as diverse as the markets we serve. When you work with CR, you work with experts in your industry. From dedicated market leaders to creative client-focused teams, we work together to bring creativity and technical accuracy to every project. Working collectively across functions, we uncover value-added solutions, no matter the challenge.

We follow a simple approach: listen, understand and interpret. Effectively listening to our clients, understanding their needs and using our expertise to achieve their vision is the foundation of our success.

David Arends, AIA, OAA, Chairman + CEO

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