Context of Community

Bluegrass International Airport Public Safety Facility

Lexington, KY


This Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Facility includes four apparatus bays with the ability to expand to five bays, and houses the Public Safety Department for the Blue Grass Airport. Features needed to include Public Safety Administration and operations, on-site residential living quarters, classroom-style training and physical training facilities, and a flight line Watch Room. The building needed to be equipped with redundant back-up systems, and can function as an emergency operations center.


The apparatus bays are located on the level aligned with the airfield, along with the supporting facilities for operations performed by ARFF staff which includes administrative and living spaces. To minimize response times, frequently used spaces are located as close as possible to the apparatus bays. These include support spaces of the turnout gear storage, medical decontamination, first aid storage, SCBA, the hose drying tower, and the complimentary agent storage are located as closely to where their function will be performed. In addition, the ARFF staff also performs law enforcement and security operations for the airport. An evidence room and armory are located adjacent to the Apparatus Bays to ensure efficient access to these functions. The materials for the facility were carefully selected to provide a quality building with minimal maintenance, that will look and perform well for decades to come. Masonry and precast exterior walls are used for their strength, stability, and beauty, as well as paying homage to the past Bluegrass ARFF facility and the context of the surrounding community.

Project Details

  • Architecture