Team Members of the Quarter – 2020 Q1

Categories: Recognition

Congratulations to our Team Members of the Quarter, David, Becky and Emily! Nominated by those they work closest with, these individuals are being recognized for their exemplary work and contributions to their team’s success. Take a look at what their peers had to say:

David’s Nominations

“David is the best that I have ever worked with. He is a great example of leadership and a great teammate. The projects they are entrusted with are very difficult and he is representing our company at the highest level.”
“David has supported me at every turn as we strive to improve the quality of our product. His technical ability has been invaluable and he is always learning. He is cheerful in all weathers, regardless of situation. A constant positive influence on everyone that he interacts with.”
“David has been an excellent mentor… Holding others accountable and pushing them to succeed.”

Becky’s Nominations

“Becky has demonstrated passion by voluntarily contributing personal time to learn new projects and has demonstrated collaboration through positive attitude and willingness to learn. She is a pleasure to work with and an excellent partner.”
“Becky’s outlook is always positive, regardless of what is happening… she is an inspiration to the team culture and a model of the CR culture!”
“Becky has spent countless hours developing a project as a practice exercise for design and SketchUp skills. She expects feedback, accepts critique and grows from it.”

Emily’s Nominations

“The team has always gotten great feedback from the client. They are continually happy with the work being submitted and Emily is the one performing that quality control.”
“Emily has worked the extra hours, attended the additional meetings, learned another role and it shows how much she loves the job and the team.”
“Emily sets a very high standard for herself and her fellow team members in terms of the quality of work we deliver, communication with the client and how we manage our time. At the same time, she has shown exceptional leadership by taking on an additional responsibility… All the while, Emily has maintained a positive outlook and focused on the beneficial changes that are in progress.”