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SDC 2023 (May22-25)

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Station Design 2023

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CR architecture + design welcomes you to the 2023 Station Design Conference

We are excited to sponsor Station Design Conference this year, to connect with you and share our talents for the design of your new, renovated, or enhanced fire and safety facility of the future. With over 25 years of Public Safety and Fire Facility design and architecture experience, we have established more than 340 facilities across the continental USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. We have been honored with 40+ awards dedicated to our design, detail, and functionality of our work.  We pride ourselves on designing places that SERVE.  Let's discuss your public safety facility of the future!

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We will be hosting multiple speaking sessions and our own Open House Happy Hour


CR architecture + design & Station Design Conference Open House Happy Hour

Hosted at the 360 Rooftop Bar at the Conference Hotel – Hilton, St. Louis at the Ballpark

Join Us for a FUN evening of camaraderie, lively communication, with free drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Experience the city of St. Louis, the Ballpark and the conference like never before,  a bird’s eye view and a great atmosphere. Feel comfortable mingling with our certified public safety consultants, licensed fire facility architects, and Training by Design specialists. Ask questions, raise challenges, pick their brains as this is your opportunity to start planning your facility of the future, unhindered.

Enjoy a beverage and let's start a conversation. We are here to serve those who serve others!

Come chat one-on-on with our design specialists, architects, and certified public and fire safety professionals  – ask questions, connect, and gather some serious information.

  • Rich Ryler, Portland’s Fire and Rescue Inspector, Section Chief, Public Safety Strategist
  • David Arends, ceo + visionary of CR architecture + design
  • Monica Mancera, Public Sector Manager (Your ultimate host! )
Get on the invite list: Connect with Monica Mancera via email or mobile 206.351.9427

SPACE IS LIMITED | However, we will try to accommodate all requests, so bring a fellow firefighter; enjoy and connect.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 | 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

Track 1

How is NFPA 1402 Incorporated into a Fire Station Design?

Our proprietary Training by Design is highlighted within this presentation, explaining how you can add training props and skilled features to add experiences, cost savings, and develop more prepared fire safety teams. Training is the key to success; see how we can help make the most of the opportunities.

NFPA 1402 provides guidance for the planning of fire service training centers and focuses on the main components necessary to accomplish general fire fighter training effectively, efficiently, and safely. We as architects understand the NFPA intentions. How can we work with your guidelines, training requirements, as well as the NFPA standard to ensure that you end up with a product that looks good, functions, and is NFPA compliant? How could NFPA compliance contribute to your ISO rating?

David Arends - CR architecture + design
Rich Tyler - Portland OR – Portland’s Fire and Rescue Inspector, Section Chief, Public Safety Strategist
Mónica Mancera - CR architecture + design

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 | 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

Track 1

Funding for Building or Renovating a Station: How Am I Going to Pay for It?

Introducing Ed King, our financial expert, who will work with us to establish the best way to cover the expenses, for your renovations, additions, or completely new facility. The core to our Facility SitRep program is to work with you throughout the entire process – We are here for you!

When we are buying what need to survive on our daily basis, we must come up with a plan and a vision on how we are going to pay for it. This is not different for Fire Departments. One of the biggest challenges that Fire Chiefs and Officers face, is finding the resources to meet municipal needs as well as public safety needs. Where and how do I come up for the money to pay for what I need? Do I have more funding options than just bonds?

David Arends - CR architecture + design
Rich Tyler - Portland OR – Portland’s Fire and Rescue Inspector, Section Chief, Public Safety Strategist
Ed King – Government Capital Corporation (Money Investment Specialist)

DYK: That by including Training by Design, facilities see a 92% increase in skill development.

What is Training by Design?

This is our proprietary formula for adding training props and educational experiences directly into the build or renovation of your fire station. Incorporating these advancements enables your team to train 24 hours, 7 days a week. “Building-in” these training stages as a seamless part of the facility enables you to better utilize your space. Perhaps the biggest benefit of Training by Design is the cost savings for the company. Imagine not having to leave the facility to train, not having to backfill staff, and not having to find a comparable learning center, you will have it all under your own roof.

The addition of these teaching tools supports more knowledgeable fire fighters, more diversified trained professionals, and often enhances response times and performance.

At CR architecture + design we have revolutionized the implementation of these training essentials as a statement of art and design, making the utmost use of your facility.  Ask how we can make it work for you!

What is Facility SitRep?

Are you in the process of assessing the need to replace, renovate, or add on to your current facility? Are you asking yourself where do I start? How do I start? What do I do? Those are the very questions and the very reasons that CR architecture + design established our Facility SitRep.

Connect with Monica Mancera via email or mobile 206.351.9427

DYK: That 43% of all fire stations in the USA are 40 years old or older!

Designing for the FUTURE

Our services are applicable for numerous Public Safety Facilities

  • Fire Stations
  • Fire Headquarters
  • Fire Training
  • Logistic Centers
  • Fire & Safety Administration Buildings
  • Emergency Operations
  • 911 Call Centers
  • Shared Public Safety Complexes
  • Airport Rescue Fire Facilities

At CR architecture + design we are committed to creating extraordinary places that build enduring value to clients and the communities they serve.CR architecture + design’s credo is to instill Integrity, Collaboration, Passion, and Innovation into every project. We listen, understand your true goals, design unique solutions, and partner with you to achieve success.


We encourage new ideas, seek out new methods where possible, and offer our clients fresh solutions.


We love what we do – we are committed to our designs because we care about our work.


We work as a team; always giving feedback in the spirit of providing better service to our clients and creating quality design.


We depend on the team to be as successful as possible. We are open, honest, and recognize that our principles empower us.

Being public safety and fire facility experts, we are devoted to creating places that SERVE!