Safety in Numbers

Plainfield Fire Territory Station No. 122 + Headquarters

Plainfield, IN


In every community, the success of a public safety department is dependent on the timeliness of their unit’s response to a call. The Indianapolis suburb of Plainfield was growing quickly and experiencing increasingly long response times across their fire stations – the town decided something had to be done.


As part of a 10-year partnership with the Town of Plainfield, the adjacent Station No. 122 and Headquarters were the second and third completed in a series of four new facilities. Each station is strategically located to assist the Plainfield Fire Territory in their efforts to meet the community’s increasing needs.

Station No. 122’s timeless design was modeled around an “industrial loft” design concept, creating an aesthetic that blends with the surrounding community and unites the department’s identity through the varied use of brick masonry, metal panels and glass. Designed with sustainable initiatives in mind, the interior’s residential feel provides all the comforts of home with an emphasis on clean lines and durable materials, such as epoxy, metal and wood. Station maintenance and storage areas are crucial to the upkeep of a department’s equipment and vehicles, so shop space and EMS and SCBA storage rooms were incorporated into the design, as well as dedicated turnout gear storage space.

Paramount to a firefighter’s success in the field is the ability to train consistently. CR’s Training by Design program incorporates training capabilities into the station design itself, ultimately saving the department time and money. Station No. 122’s on-site training spaces include a training mezzanine for ladder evolutions, rope training and confined space training, as well as a training tower for hoseline evolution drills, repelling and stokes basket training. Without the need for off-site training, department members can train more often and stay prepared with the latest techniques to keep the community safe.


  • Programming
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design


  • Career 1 Notable, Firehouse Station Design Awards