Trusted Partner



Operating over 9,000 stores nationwide, Walgreens is the largest retailer of pharmaceuticals in the country. They have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 25 years and our team has been there every step of the way. Our long-term partnership has been a direct result of the process innovations we have spearheaded and the dedication we have provided them with.


In today’s supermarket and grocery market, the need for retailers to be competitive is at an all-time high. As the corporate architect for Walgreens, we’ve worked hard to serve as an extension of their team, even placing members of our team in their office to ensure our relationship is as streamlined and supportive as possible. This also enables our team to help to consistently maintain the Walgreens brand, allowing them to adapt quickly to the ever-changing market.

We recently served as a key member of their team in support of the Walgreens and Kroger partnership, helping to facilitate the first implementation of Kroger Express into a Walgreens store. We also worked with Walgreens to co-develop and manage the Well Experience Transformation, a series of national renovations to improve the design and program management of each store. To date, this initiative has contributed to the successful roll-out of over 500 Well Experience Transformations.


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