Fulfilling a Decades-Old Vision

Mariemont Luxury Condominiums

Mariemont, OH


Designated as a National Historic Landmark, the Village of Mariemont has held true to the “National Exemplar” standard set by the community's founder in 1921. Intended to represent the best architectural and environmental principals of the time, the community master plan was modeled after the garden city movement, the precursor to today’s New Urbanism principles.

However, the effects of the depression caused large portions of the village’s original plan to never materialize. Over 80 years later, a local development group was determined to finish a core piece of those plans and partnered with our team to design a harmonious addition to the Village of Mariemont.


In keeping with the original 1921 plan to have the area surrounding the square densely built up, four three-story condominium buildings were designed through a phased effort spanning almost 10 years. Featuring condos on average three times larger than the site’s previous apartments, Jordan, Emery, Nolen and Livingood Park each echo the spirit of the original town plan with exterior architecture respectful of the village’s traditional Tudor Revival style.

Located just off the old Town Center, the developments encourage pedestrian activity and a relationship to the nearby city park, following through on the community’s original commitment to the garden city ideals of a walkable, safe, urban community. Through the efforts to remain sensitive to the town plan and aesthetics that are still prominently featured more than 80 years later, each condo seamlessly integrates into the Mariemont community.


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