Rustic Touch, Local Flair

Kitchen 1883


With the retail world more competitive than ever, companies are going beyond their “bread and butter” by broadening the in-store experience for consumers and branching out into progressive segments. Long-standing traditional grocer Kroger has continued to evolve at a rapid pace, going from simply providing the ingredients for your home-cooked meals to doing your shopping for you, preparing ready-to-go meal kits and offering to deliver it all right to your home. But they've recently taken it one step further by serving it all up for you at their own restaurant.


Kitchen 1883 opened in Union, Kentucky as Kroger’s first foray into the stand-alone restaurant business. In the development stage, CR served as an extension of their internal team to help execute the restaurant concept and bring it to life. With food that is sourced locally and inspired by the region, the overall design concept is reflective of the local aesthetic, blending industrial materials and fixtures with rustic, restored wood and leather. Internal wall graphics pay homage to the Bluegrass State staples of bourbon and horses mixed with mouthwatering ingredients and local scenery. CR also helped to deliver on the vision through selection of materials and fixtures, merchandising and development of the exterior façade and signage.

As the first of its kind for the grocery chain, Kitchen 1883 in Union serves as the design prototype for Kroger's future restaurants.


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design